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Vaibhav Chauhan - Verizit

Vaibhav Chauhan

Vaibhav has an entrepreneurial flair and has experience with a number of start-ups, with some successful exits. He has invested in start-ups in the past and has endeavoured to break into education markets in India. He recently gained invaluable business experience in the broader ME region in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) professional services firm in Dubai, UAE.

However, he has recently left PwC to pursue a rapid and impactful entry to the market of this physical retail market solution, “Verizit”. 

Vimal Dikshit

Vimal is a entrepreneur & visionary and has on numerous occasions identified opportunities in markets and solutions to address them. He has invested in start-ups in the past and endeavoured to break into the relevant markets, with his most successful being a recent start-up on the Medical Tourism space focused on the North America & Europe market with a “virtual” medical advice solution based on a bespoke IT solution and conceptualising methodology. He has gained confidence from investors in the past through raising USD 250k+ of investment and continues to develop ideas and look for market leading solutions.

Vimal Dikshit - Verizit